Become a parapreneur


What is a Parapreneur?

 A Parapreneur is a paraprofessional that enjoys working with students  and building their own business via  selling products, online courses or services.  


From Classified employee to a bonafied boss


Many classified employees (paraprofessional, bus drivers, custodians, and secretaries) are paid hourly.  Many of these employees hold other jobs to supplement their income.  Many have worked in the Before and After School Programs,  and Summer School (ESY Extended School Year) to make up income for their low yearly salary.  Also, many classified employees have other employment outside of education.

The Parapreneur will teach classified employees and anyone who is interested in finding solutions to supplement their income, replace their income with more than what they are making or to build a better retirement plan.


Turn your passion onto a profit

 Many paraprofessional have great ideas but they don't know where to start. The Parapreneur can help. All of our courses are customizable for your needs to make sure you leave with relevant skills to create your own products, services or online classes.